Living InA Suitcase

Travel Insurance - Missing Lugguage

My name is Michael and I'm a traveler who likes exploring. I'm 38 and work as an Analyst, my wife Patricia is a school teacher and we are blessed with two children, Harry is 17 and in high school, Jay is 8 and in grade 3.

My family likes to travel a too, I love taking them on holidays every summer. A friend of mine (John) would always tell me, "Hey Mike! Take a travel insurance for God's sake, you travel fully packed". I would just laugh this off saying "Why would I need a travel insurance, my trips are always planned. There's no need to worries, I am pro in it".

Last year we went to Nepal for our holiday. We planned our trek in the Himalayas and our visit of Kathmandu with precision. Kathmandu was a beautiful city with splendid Hindu and Buddhist temples everywhere. Monks in saffron were praying (always smiling), cheerful people and the majestic Himalayas, it was both beautiful and breath taking.

We toured around the city and saw the 'Living Goddess', she was tiny! We also shopped in the city and bought many souvenirs. At the end of our city tour we went on our planned trek and had a wonderful time camping in the foothills of Himalayas. However, upon our return to the hotel found most of the hotel rooms on second floor destroyed by fire. This apparently had been caused by a short circuit, it look like Hell had taken over.

After two days we got our burnt luggage back but expensive things were either burned or were missing. We lost everything from Harry's iPad to Patricia's laptop (she loved to blog). The souvenirs we purchased, the silverware and antiques my wife bought for our house and our friends were all missing. We were left with our backpacks and my camera. Since our passports were also missing we were forced to stay at the Australian Embassy. The whole experience was horrible and it took us a week to get home.

John (my friend mentioned earlier) came to pick us up at the airport. He said "I am so sorry mate, you should have taken travel insurance like I said". I replied "Yeah, I should have, I was such a fool, are there any budget ones?".

He said "Mike, you should never go after cheap travel insurance, select a travel insurance that suits your travel. Take International Travel Insurance which covers the country you are travelling to."

I said "Yeah, no Cheap Travel Insurance for me".

Still in my half mind, incredibly upset and angry with myself, we reached our house only to find that the camera was now missing!

"Damn! I should have taken that Travel Insurance!"